Medicine is one of the most popular fields of study among international students in Russia. Russian universities have a long and rich track record in medical specialties. The first medical college in Russia, Chancellor Apothecary, was founded in the 17th century. Currently, medical education is provided at more than 70 Russian universities. In Russia it is possible to enter the Medical University after completing a primary education. Studying at Russian universities is offered in Russian and English. However, only Russian language education at Russian universities is approved by the Iranian Ministry of Health.

If you do not know Russian, you can learn it in an introductory section. In the introductory course for international students apart from learning to speak Russian, they also study basic sciences such as biology and chemistry to help them better prepare for future study. These students must take a test in these subjects and after obtaining an acceptable grade, they can pursue a medical degree. Studying in English also requires taking biology and chemistry exams.

The Russian Federation's medical universities approved by the Iranian Ministry of Health in 2020 include:

  • Sechinova Medical University Moscow (Pharmacy Only)
  • Moscow National University of Medical Sciences (Lumanosov),
  • Semashko Medical University Moscow (Dentistry only)
  • Nursery University of Medical Sciences
  • Pavlov University of Medical Sciences in St. Petersburg