Although Russian universities are taught in Russian, studying in Russian is not necessarily a knowledge of Russian.

 In Russia, foreigners can enroll in introductory courses that offer courses on Russian and professional subjects. After completing the introductory course, students can go to any Russian university to study in their field of interest.

 Universities offer different education options for students, varying degrees of preparation for postgraduate, postgraduate or doctoral degree, length of study, number of courses, courses and tuition. The introductory course for studying in Russia is a nine-month intensive course in Russian language and basic sciences that differs for different disciplines.

 In addition, universities are developing different programs to familiarize foreign students with the culture, customs and life in Russia to facilitate their adaptation to the new environment.

Typically, introductory courses start in September-October and end in June-July. However, many universities are willing to enroll students throughout the fall season.